Should Christians Debate with People?

When Paul tried to win souls, he reasoned or dialogued with them. Instead of selling his thoughts to them, he invited input and discussed each item with them


  1. DrLee says:

    Debate is not discussion.
    The word translated “reason” as in, “Paul reasoned with people,” means to discuss, to invite input so he and they could search for truth together. It requires a spirit of cooperation.
    Debate, on the other hand, is not a search for truth, but an opportunity to prove what you already know to someone else. It frequently deteriorates into an argument between opposing sides and often ruffles peoples feathers.
    You are obviously a kind person who really discusses rather than debates with others. Take it from someone who has been pulled into professional debates at seminary and at major public events where I had to defend our beliefs––they are not the same as healthy discussions where people with different views rely on the Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth. I’d rather discuss than debate, anytime!

  2. Blessed Friend says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I like to debate too, however, when it comes to matters of faith, it often leads to disagreement and alienation. The best we can do is share how Christ has and is working in our lives and incourage them to develope their relationship with Him through study of His word and prayer. Christ will lead them into His truth if they will make time for Him and have a willing heart.

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