Should Christians Teach or Mentor?

Jesus is the ONLY Rabbi/Teacher of the church and forbade disciples to assume either title. We study only when Christ explains the text through the Holy Spirit


  1. Dennis Herman says:

    A study of the gospels will show the specific sequence and methods Jesus used to teach His disciples.

  2. Dennis Herman says:

    Comparing the sequence of parables and other circumstances in the chapter and book of Matthew will help to reveal the lessons taught. One example can be found in Matthew chapters 21 and 22. You can understand the spiritual lesson of Jesus cleansing the temple court by comparing each event that follows. Each builds upon the other.
    The withered fig tree
    The parable of the 2 sons asked to work in the vineyard
    The parable of the landowner and tenants
    The parable of the wedding feast

    What is the common factor in the three parables?
    The 2 sons did not appreciate the work the father put into the vineyard.
    The tenants did not appreciate the work the landowner put into the vineyard.
    The guests did not appreciate the work the king put into the wedding feast.
    They did not appreciate the preparation.

  3. Lyall Abbott says:

    To answer the question of teach or mentor simply and directly we should mentor… even though the Bible does say that one of the spiritual gifts is that of a teacher. Christ is The Rabi therefore The Teacher we as Christ’s disciples are fellow students of The Teacher Rabi Christ and therefore are subject’s of and to His teachings.

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