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House Churches: Christ’s Evangelistic Plan

Jesus sent out His disciples to start house churches––rather than go from house to house to round up audiences for meetings (Luke 10:1-7). That’s why the apostles organized their Pentecost converts into house churches that Christ used to build-up His body (Acts 2:42-47), and Paul went from town to town, raising-up house churches. In fact, every church mentioned in the New Testament is a house church. Christians didn’t even begin meeting in church houses until the middle of the 3rd-century!

The Friend List

Disciple Junction is a full-featured Christian social network––the place where those who love the LORD love to meet. It is also the perfect place for House Churches that still follow Christ’s plan––to grow and network together.

  • Start a group where others can join your house church and interact with you
  • Start a forum to explore Bible truths or discuss challenges to the body of Christ, today
  • Live chat with anyone at Disciple Junction
  • Post messages for anyone or everyone on Disciple Junction
  • Add your house church to our “Friend List” so people can contact, find, or join you for worship, study, or prayer

How to Register

  • Sign up for individual membership to plug in to all our network benefits. You must be a member to access any privileges.
  • Fill in your personal and house church information on the register page
  • When we approve your personal membership, we will simultaneously add your house to our state-by-state, alphabetical “Friend List
  • Then others can click on your house church and you can start networking with them and others
  • While you’re at it, visit our Virtual Home Church, CuppaJ Café, and WebStudy the Bible websites to see what we’re up to

Click here to access our Registration Page and start networking, today!



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