Disciple Junction is a place where people who love the Lord––love to meet. It is also true that those who love the Lord––also love one another. So, please choose your words carefully. It is all right to disagree with one other, so long as we conduct ourselves like Christians.

We also come together to express, share, and discuss our experiences with Christ––apart from the world and its routine––not to exploit the Junction by advertising products or soliciting business.

WARNING: To protect our members from unbiblical language and worldly activities:

  1. We will send a warning to those who post injurious remarks and edit them from your posts.
  2. We will also send a warning to those who try to exploit the Junction for financial gain and
    remove your posts.
  3. Ignore these warnings and we will delete you from membership.
  4. Rejoin us to resume these unwanted activities and we will delete you permanently.

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